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This week’s ExCoGi shoot has almost everything: perfect teenage titties, a textbook bubble butt, a tight young pussy that gets so wet it drips, deep throat skills beyond her years, she’s a squirter and she takes a messy creampie finish.

If you aren’t jealous of Jay’s job yet, you will be when you see Hazel’s body. It’s literally perfect. Her 18 year old tits are big and bouncy and so firm that she’s practically got cleavage without a bra on. Her light brown skin is flawless and begging to be covered in cum. Her hips and ass are Coke bottle curvy and begging to to be fucked. This girl is a perfect example of why the site is Exploited College Girls and not Exploited College Women. We get them young while they are hot and still making mistakes.

Jay treats this girl like an amusement park – he tries every ride and you get to watch. He starts off fingering her and if you can manage to take your eyes off her perfect tits, you’ll notice right away that Hazel’s pussy is so tight that it actually LOOKS tight. If you need proof just wait until after Hazel’s amazing deep throat beej to see Jay try to fuck her. Though her pussy is already creamy and ready, and Jay STILL has trouble getting his cock in. This girl is virgin tight. But, Jay being the go-getter he is, he pushes his way through. You can tell Hazel is loving every minute of it as well. She’s literally dripping wet, her pussy juices are actually splashing the camera when she orgasms and squirts around Jay’s cock.

All this ends up proving to be a real endurance contest for Jay, he might have been holding out for a facial but Hazel’s vague is so vice grip tight that he ends up blowing his load inside her. At least he follows up by catching the drips and the mess he leaves afterward.

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