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For fans of sexy southern belles, I bring you Lacey, a sexy (if shy) southern girl all the way from Tennessee. While I usually do my best to search out sex starved nymphos, there’s no way to tell how a girl will react when the cameras are on. In Lacey’s case, she’s a little shy but the nervous energy is a turn on. You can tell how into it she is, despite her quiet manner when I finally start fucking – her pussy is soaked and dripping.

We start off, as usual, with a little small talk interview where Lacey reveals that she was a virgin until recently but has been making up for lost time ever since. She also shares that she’s never, ever used a toy. That will be fixed in no time, that’s for sure. She’s nervous, but lets me try the rabbit on her and it seems to loosen her up. I don’t know that I can get her off, so I have her drop to her knees and start sucking.

When I’m hard I get her on the bed and get into that amazing pussy of hers. She keeps asking me slow down and as it turns out Lacey wanting me to fuck her slowly actually makes it harder for me NOT to cum so after only 2 positions of feeling Lacey’s tight, girl-cum soaked pussy gripping my cock I have her get on the floor so I can plaster her face just in time.

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