ExploitedCollegeGirls Lexxi HD - 42 min


It’s always refreshing when a really cute girl (like Lexxi) with a banging’ body turns out to be a blowjob loving, sex fiend. This is why I always use at least three HD cameras to capture the action from every angle. In Lexxi’s case you get to see her orgasm from multiple angles as she gets off over and over from my fingers, a vibrator and then my cock.

Before we get to the orgasms, I start off talking to Lexxi as she finishes her make up. She reveals that she’s very sexual and loves to suck cock – both things I look for in a girl and great reasons to move her to the bed and get her naked. The first thing I notice are her amazing, perky full B cup tits; followed by the rest of her fine, lean body. I’m inspired to try to get her off as many times as I can and start with my fingers and end up drilling her in almost every position. It’s awesome.

The finish turns out to be pretty awesome, as well. I have her pinned down and am pounding her from behind when Lexxi begs me to cum on her face. If there is one plea I can’t help but satisfy, it’s coating a pretty face in Jay jizz and Lexxi gets a heaping helping of the good stuff. A girl this attractive and this sexual definitely has a future in the porn biz. So if you see her somewhere else, remember who popped her video cherry.

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