ExploitedCollegeGirls Tifanny 720p

ExploitedCollegeGirls Tifanny 720p


Another week and another set of D cups for you, this time they are attached to a 22 year old mom of 4, from deep in the heart of Texas. I normally don’t go for MILFs but being 22 and sporting D cups got Tiffany though my tight screening process.

I learn right away that Tiffany is a MILF when she admits that she has 4 (FOUR!!!) kids. Judging by her accent I’m guessing she went to school in a place where sex ed is “the devil’s teachins.” But she does like getting fucked and is up for getting railed on camera and that’s good enough for me. We get back to the hotel and talk some more before I have her strip and show off her assets.

Now Tiffany has got a great body that’s totally fuckable, but I can’t help but want to know what she looked like 4 kids and 6 months ago. I can certainly see why her husband knocked her up as soon as possible, she’s still hot and must have been insane way back when. But then was then, now is now and I have her in front of me. I try to get her off with my fingers, but she’s a penetration girl and just wants the D. Fine with me, but she’s going to have to get me hard first.

During the interview she explained that she doesn’t really suck cock and thus the BJ scene turns out great, that is when she’s not stopping and saying “It’s awkward.” You know what’s awkward honey? You signed up to shoot pornography and you’re acting like this is a first date with your cousin Mike. When she’s not explaining, though, Tiffany knows how to use her mouth and it doesn’t take me long to get hard enough to drill her MILFy ass.

Tiffany really comes alive when I finally start pounding her g-spot, I’m guessing that’s what she wanted all along. You can tell in no time how much she loves getting pounded so I give it to her until I’m ready to pop all over those big naturals.

Now I’m not the best guy in the world to offer marital advice, but if you hate to suck cock and when you actually do it you look like you are trying to lick a popsicle you just dropped on the ground, your husband is probably going to leave you, ladies.