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ExploitedCollegeGirls Rose

Why do gingers get a bad rap? I have no fucking clue, but today’s ginger exploit is 19 yr old, ready for sex, Rose. It’s also ANAL DAY and Rose was ready for sex the moment she got in the car and was down for anything Jay wanted to do to her. “Do you usually cum from anal sex?”, asked Jay. “I don’t have anal sex very much, but when I do, the orgasm’s are the best”, Rose confesses with a giggle. So Jay gets the rest of the interview out of the way in the car on the way back to the hotel so he can put Rose’s exceptional BJ skills to the test as soon as they walk into the door. Oh yea Rose can suck a golf ball through a garden hose actually and according to Jay she gives one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had. Trust me she’s good at it. But before that she has one of the most intense orgasm’s from the Hitachi and you know she’s going to get one as soon as she leaves this fuck session. They all want one after. The scene continues with Jay prepping our little slut with various but plugs and sure enough another O. She’s enjoying this and after getting that incredible BJ he makes her eat his ass, and what an ass probing it was! This girl is enthusiastic I’m telling you. Like she hadn’t eaten in days! It’s was a sight to behold and she does it with such enthusiasm! Really it’s awesome! Ok. So the video’s half over and she’s about to get that cock up her fuck hole… Yea there’s that much sucking and rimming but trust me it’s epic. If it’s too much for you just scrub through it. Personally I love having my ass eaten. But hey, that’s me. So at the exact round number of 57:47 into the video she gets that cock FINALLY up her asshole in doggy, and from her screaming and facial expressions I wished it were me administering the pounding. There’s something about redheads. They just like to fuck and can’t say no. Love it. Next Rose is on her back counting ceiling tiles as she gets worked in her pussy by the JJay this go round. But don’t worry all you anal lovers, He doesn’t spend much time in her baby factory before shoving it up her out slot again. Oh yea and just when you think it’s over Jay jumps up and sits on her face while she probes his nether region for pay dirt ONE-MORE-TIME! She loves eating ass or is just a pleaser I guess. Of course Jay finishes Rose off in his signature side spoon and then unloads a massive facial that she just gobbles up. Hey, Thanksgiving was last month, Gobble Gobble. Well, we haven’t had a redhead in months here at ExCoGi and Rose was just the super slut to break that dry spell and usher in the new year with an ASS BANG we think. So HAPPY NEW YEAR redhead lovers and I hope you will love the update. Happy flapping!!!